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Registration Procedures for Spring 09

Posted by Joyce on November 21, 2008

Dear graduate students,

If I have given you a permit for a course, please go into raiderlink ( and register yourself. IF it’s a variable-credit course (like 5000, 6000, 7000, or 8000), you need to make sure you’ve picked the right number of credits (3 in most cases, but 6 or 9 in others). You will need to know the CRN of the course, as I believe the system does not tell you which courses you have permission to take (go figure). All spring courses are listed, along with CRN’s, at

If we have had a mis-communication, don’t panic – there is plenty of time for registration. We’re using a new campus-wide system, and it’s going to take time before we become more efficient. Please keep track of fee bills, fee waivers, residency status, full-time status, financial aid, and other official items, as they’re all being managed by this new system. If we need to write memos to Student Business Services, the Registrar, Financial Aid, or any other office, we’ll do it as problems become apparent to us.

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