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Section Numbers

Posted by Joyce on November 21, 2008

When we moved to our new registration system, we had to change our section numbering system. On-campus sections are still numbered 001, 002, and so on, but the old method of naming distance sections 270 or 271 for MATC and PhD Texas residents and 370 or 371 for Phd non-Texas residents has changed.

I apologize if there are web pages or correspondence that refer to the old scheme, but what used to be 270 or 271 is now D21 or D22 (i.e .Distance section 21 or 22), and what used to be 370 or 371 is now D31 or D32.

Recall that all students taking distance courses will sign up for D21 or D22 EXCEPT out-of-state online doctoral students, who will sign up for D31 or D32 — and this is because of the way we have to bill the out-of-state students.


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