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Improvisation for Spring 2009

Posted by Joyce on January 4, 2009

In order to accommodate growth, we have adjusted 2 courses.

1. we have split Dr. Kemp’s 5364 into 2 sections, one meeting on Wednesday night and one on Thursday night.
2. we combined and re-organized Dr. Rickly’s and Dr. Baake’s 5389 sections to redistribute students more evenly.

In both cases, you’re registered for a section number (let’s say D21) and that will determine your billing (due to your status), but that section number has nothing to do with your instructor or your discussion night. It’s a little odd, but it’s one way of dealing with relatively late developments.


One Response to “Improvisation for Spring 2009”

  1. rondalcw said

    Do we know who is in which class and on what night they will meet (I’m signed up for 5389)?


    Ronda Wery

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