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New Courses Approved

Posted by Joyce on January 5, 2009

I’m happy to be able to announce to you that the four course proposals we worked on this past fall have been approved and will henceforth be in the course catalog.

  • We renamed 5361 from Theories of Invention in Rhetoric to Introduction to Rhetorical Theory (catalog: “Classical and modern theories of rhetoric and rhetorical activity”)
  • We added 5379, Empirical Research Methods In Technical Communication and Rhetoric, prereq 5363 or equivalent. (catalog: “Empirical Research Methods in Technical Comunication and Rhetoric”) — repeatable for credit when the topic varies
  • We added 5382, Theory and Research in the Written Discourses of Health and Medicine (catalog: “Current theory and research in the written discourses of health and medicine, focusing on the foles of technical and professional communicators”) — repeatable for credit when the topic varies
  • We added 5383, Grants and Proposals (catalog: “Theoretical issues and practical experience dealing with the genre and process of writing grants and proposals”) — not repeatable for credit.

Depending on timing, these may or may not be included in the printed catalog for fall 2009, but I believe they’ll be available for registration with their new numbers in time for fall registration in April.


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