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May Billing (for online students)

Posted by Joyce on April 2, 2009

The May Workshop isn’t technically a course, but you register for it this week and next week after I give you a permit, and the course number is (or it used to be) ENGL 0007 (kind of like the Bond’s 007, but one digit more dangerous). This course carries no credit and has no tuition, but it has a fee, and that’s how you are charged for the May Workshop. We take those fees and funnel them straight back out to housing, dining, and other costs associated with the workshop, FYI.

If you’re taking a class during May, you’ll register for it separately, and it will appear to be a summer course. Let’s take usability — you’ll register for the summer course ENGL 5388, sections D21 or D31 (D31 is for non-Texans in the online doctoral program, and D21 is for everyone else). Although the course looks like a summer course, you’ll have most or all of your work done when you leave Lubbock or within a week of leaving Lubbock. Your grades won’t be due until August (since it’s a sumer course), but your instructors will let you know how you did whenever the work is complete around June 10th or so.

If you’re taking another course in the summer, you’ll also sign up for it in April, and it’ll appear as a normal summer course on your fee bill. You won’t start the work in this summer-long online class until the first week of June, so there shouldn’t be any conflict with the courses you did in the May workshop.

Thus, if you’re taking courses (and let’s use a Newbie as an example), you’ll sign up for ENGL 0007, ENGL 5388, and ENGL 53xx (your summer course), and all three courses will be payable and due in 3 or 4 weeks.

If you’re finished with courses, you’ll sign up for 1-3 units of ENGL 7000 or 8000 for the summer, along with ENGL 0007.

I haven’t given out permits for the May workshop yet because I’m working with SBS to get the billing correct — since it’s not a course, it’s always ideosyncratic, especially in this transition year to our new Banner computer system. I hope to have it all worked out in a few days.


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