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Variable Credit

Posted by Joyce on April 6, 2009

Under our new registration system, you have to be very careful to monitor the number of units you are actually registered for when you sign up for a variable-credit course like 5000, 7000, or 8000.

Regardless of whether this course requires a permit or not (because the permit doesn’t specify the number of credits for a variable-credit course), when you first register (or are registered), you’ll automatically receive a registration for 1.0 credits of your chosen course.

You still need to click on that “1.0”, which will bring up a separate window in the registration portal, and this is where you can modify the number of hours. Although the interface allows you to choose tenths and hundredths of credits, please don’t do this — positive integers are the only appropriate response. (By the way, it’s the same process for your adviser — there is no shortcut for any of us.)

When you’ve changed your variable credit, double-check your list of semester registrations to verify that the number is correct.

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