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Paying, Registering, Browsers

Posted by Joyce on July 30, 2009

With our old system, you would have seen a bill the minute you register. It appears that under our new system, a bill doesn’t generate until the semester is almost complete (summer 2 is almost done), so I anticipate bills posting very soon.

If you have not registered for a course for which you’ve been given a permit, please go ahead and register yourself — there’s no point in waiting.

Once bills generate, you’ll get some type of message to your TTU email account (so watch for that), and once the bills generate, you’ll see a bill by logging onto “my TECH”/”raider link”. You will be able to pay your bill online as well.

One other thing to note is that you may need to use Firefox as you internet browser instead of Internet Explorer, because for some reason, the new version of IE doesn’t work with our system, and you wouldn’t be able to pay your bill online.

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