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Extra Section of 5371 Online for Fall

Posted by Joyce on August 11, 2009

Due to demand (5371 is required for both the MATC and the PhD), we’re expanding the capacity of Dr. Zdenek’s online version of 5371 by opening another section. Well, not actually opening, but “de-stacking,” since every online course is made up of sections D21 and D31, “stacked” together to make one course. In 5371’s case, we’ll continue to enroll you in 5371, D21 or D31, but you’re going to have 2 separate online discussion sections in order to accommodate the large section sizes.

Dr. Zdenek wants to have 2 discussions on Monday night, one earlier and one later — I don’t know how many of you may still be at work, but an earlier section (let’s say 5:00) is one possibility. We’re going to have to work this out between you, me, and Dr. Zdenek, but today’s news is that everyone who was on a waiting list will be registered.

Section D21 is for all students except online, non-texas-resident, doctoral students, who must take D31. Regardless of this billing section number, this number probably won’t have anything to do with when you meet in the MOO. It’s a little odd, but it’s one way of dealing with relatively late developments.

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