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Doctoral Annual Review Schedule (f2f)

Posted by Joyce on February 7, 2010

2010 Annual PhD Reviews

352 Student Chair Member Member
9:00 McKenzie, K. Dragga Carter Kimball
10:00 Visconti, Kerrie Still Rice Kimball
11:00 McMichael, Melonie Koerber Baehr Rickly
12:00 Ray, Anirban Baehr Kimball Carter
13:00 Pohland, Liz Kimball Koerber Baehr

9:00 Brandenburg, Laura Lang Baehr Cargile Cook
10:00 Watson, Paul Carter Baake Koerber
11:00 Jahnke, Nathan Still Cargile Cook Booher
12:00 Krahmer, Ana Still Lang Cargile Cook
13:00 Bowen, Beth Rickly Cargile Cook Booher

352 Student Chair Member Member
9:00 Mellon, Sarah Eaton Barker Booher
10:00 Rasberry, Todd Zdenek Rice Eaton
11:00 Latham, Roberta Eaton Still Baake
12:00 Schafer, Robert Eaton Baake Rice
13:00 Christofides, Chris Kemp Baake Zdenek
14:00 Edgell, David Eaton Baake Dragga

9:00 Zobel, Gregory Carter Still Zdenek
10:00 Wang, Xiling Barker Baake Booher
11:00 Bacon, Shon Kemp Baehr Booher
12:00 Wery, Ronda Kemp Carter Rickly

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