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New Registration & Payment Site for May Workshop

Posted by Joyce on March 29, 2010

For this year’s May Workshop (the 2-week “boot camp” for those of you in the online doctoral program), we will be registering and paying for the workshop differently from previous years [here’s how we did it before, if you’re insatiably curious].

Student Business Services told us last summer that they were no longer interested in figuring out how to charge for the May Workshop using the academic registration and payment techniques of their office.  At this point, I approached the Conference Services office of the University College (used to be called the College of Outreach and Distance Education).  They said they do this all the time and could help with billing, refunds, and disbursement of moneys to housing, dining, and others.

So this year, those of you attending the May workshop will pay $1600 for your experience through the University College’s services and those of you who are taking courses (either organized or 7000/8000) will continue to register using Raiderlink and the TTU offices  of the Registrar and Student Business Services.  I know it will mean a separate registration, and I apologize for that.  But it also  will mean we’ll have a clear line of demarcation between academic activities and workshop activities, and that’s a line I’ve had to explain multiple times in the past (because it’s still confusing to me sometimes).

The registration form isn’t finished yet, but it ought to be deployed in a week or so.  It will consist of mandatory items and optional items, along with preferences and other things.  Mandatory items probably won’t be itemized, but will consist almost entirely of Housing, Catering Services, outside meals, student barbeque, final dinner, and the like.  Optional  items will be Rec Center ($14/week), Parking ($13/week), and  so on, and if you choose these optional things, then Conference Services will do the footwork for you so you don’t have to trudge over to Parking Services or the Rec Center.  They’ll also be able to produce a CEU certificate if you need one to show your employer. It’s a pretty good deal since we don’t go through  Banner and we have a dedicated staff to answer your May Workshop questions.

The deadline to register will be April 30, and  that’s a separate deadline from your Texas Tech course registration deadlines.  I don’t know if they’ll have installment options or not; it’s something we’ve inquired about.

More later in the week.

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Internet Writing, 5365, Summer, is closed

Posted by Joyce on March 26, 2010

Dr. Baehr’s ENGL 5365, Internet Writing, is full and closed for summer 2010.

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Preregistration Begins for Summer and Fall

Posted by Joyce on March 23, 2010

Please take a look at the summer and fall courses the graduate program is offering and please plan on visiting the office in 211 or writing email to me about your preferences.  There is a problem with Student Business Services and the precise nature of  online section numbers and CRN’s, so you won’t be able to register for a few weeks; however, when I write your name on my course tracking sheet, your seat in that course is guaranteed.  When SBS figures out its CRN problems, we’ll give out mass permits.



If you are not sure about your program’s degree requirements, please see the MATC Requirements at or the PhD requirements at

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