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Posted by Joyce on April 9, 2010

Although we don’t like to give incompletes as a general rule, the faculty is definitely mindful of the things that happen to students in the course of pursuing their degrees, things like sickness, major family changes, loss of job, and so on.  If you feel an incomplete is warranted, you need to meet with your professor to talk about work completed, the nature of your request, and your plan for finishing the work.

If your professor feels your request is warranted, the next step is for both of you to establish a plan of completion:  identify the deliverables remaining, set dates for completion, discuss expectations of interaction with you, agree on consequences for NOT meeting these agreements, and so on.  Your instructor will need to submit a grade of “i” and turn in an “incomplete grade” form that they can find at the Grad School’s “Forms” page.

Your faculty prefers (if at all possible) for you to have your incompletes finished before you commence another class.   Thus, an incomplete granted in late April might come with the expectations that you’re going to either take the summer to finish, or you’re going to be done by June 5th (more or less) so that you can start a summer course free of the burden of an unfinished class.

Our policy is that you cannot take new classes with outstanding incompletes, and I will audit our enrollments as we near the start of a semester to make sure no one is starting a new class with incompletes hanging around their necks, and I’ll drop those students who haven’t erased  their pending work.

When you have turned in your work, please allow your instructor a few weeks to evaluate it and to issue you a letter grade.  They can’t change the grade in Raiderlink, but will need to get a Change of Grade form (again from Raiderlink, Faculty Services tab) and submit it to the Grad Director and the Grad School.  If your work has been turned in, but your transcript still shows an “i”, just let me know (or have your instructor email me) and you’ll be free to register.


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