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Graduation and Commencement Un-Yoked

Posted by Joyce on April 22, 2010

After 6 months of working, writing, and persuading, we have succeeded in making it possible for a student to participate in commencement in a different semester from their graduation. According to Vice Provost Stewart:

At a recent Academic Council meeting we agreed that graduates can Commence a term later than their graduation, for good cause.  Such good cause ought to be the call of the college(s) involved.

The Arts and Sciences dean wrote  to me, saying that he is completely supportive of this policy, which means that your academic college meets the Provost’s terms.  And the dean of the Graduate School is similarly supportive, writing, “Graduate Enrollment Management will reflect the modification for August graduation.”

What this means is that you may ask to do commencement in August, for example, if you defend and graduate in May, a policy that may make it easier for you to schedule the ceremony around your family vacation or other obligations.


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