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Online PhD Cohort Takes Name

Posted by Joyce on May 30, 2010

As is traditional with new PhD cohorts, the 14 new doctoral students in the online program have chosen a name, Something With A Six.  They join 5 previous cohorts to form an online doctoral program of 56 students. All the cohort names are as follows:

  • Frodotypicals (or Frodos)
  • M² (or Em-Squares)
  • Third Degreez
  • Quadrophonics
  • Fifth Iteration
  • Something With A Six (or SWAS)

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Fee Bill Anxiety and Routine Fixes

Posted by Joyce on May 10, 2010

Just about the time everyone registers, then I begin getting panicked emails that the fee bill is wrong.  Yes, it’s wrong, but don’t panic and don’t write me to fix it when you’ve just registered because part of the process involves reversing certain charges.

There are two groups who see corrections to their fee bills after registering. In order to reverse charges that aren’t supposed to be there, you first have to register, so if you’re sitting on a permit and haven’t registered, you need to do so, because that’s the only way to get an accurate fee bill eventually.

The first group are GPTI’s and fellowship/scholarship recipients. Those who are non-Texans first get their statuses treated as if they were Texans, and everyone gets some fees reduced. This waiver is something that the graduate assistant (Mary Valdez) does, and will process a week or two before your payments are due.

The second group are the online doctoral students who are non-Texas residents. Through agreement with various powers that be, this group of students pays no tuition, but pays instead a special instruction fee. When they first register, a 3-hour class looks monstrously over-priced, and it is because the tuition hasn’t been reversed yet. This reversal is something that the DGS (me) does usually a couple of weeks before the payments are due.

In both cases, the key is to relax and wait for the waivers to be applied. If you absolutely must pay your fee bill (because you’re a Type A personality or you just like spending money), that’s fine — you’ll receive a credit or a reimbursement after these fees have been reversed.

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