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Changes to 5376 and 5387 for fall

Posted by Joyce on July 28, 2010

Due to several factors, lower-than-expected applications from MATC students among them, Dr. Baehr’s two fall courses are going to be offered as hybrid courses instead of conventional Tuesday-Thursday 90-minute on-campus courses.  ENGL 5376 Online Publishing will be offered Tuesday mid-day, 11-2, in room 357 and online.  Similarly, ENGL 5387 Publication Management will be offered Thursdays 11-2 in room 357 and online.  Most face-to-face students currently registered for one or both of these two courses won’t be impacted by this change, although I think those who are taking 5060 may have to drop Dr. Baehr’s course.

If you are interested in taking one of these Technical Communication Lunch seminars, please drop me a line to get your permit.  If you are displaced in your face-to-face courses because of this change (and I believe one or two students may be in this situation), please drop me a note to amend your schedule.


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