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New Approach to May Billing

Posted by Joyce on April 23, 2011

After multiple years of requesting that Student Business Services bill you for the May Workshop, after years of trying different techniques for billing a zero-credit course, after one year of working with University College’s conference services, I believe we have finally arrived at a reasonable means of  charging you for the 2-weeks in May for online PhD students.

In January 2011, it was determined at high levels that we could place a charge directly on your bill without having to go through registration of any sort.  It was further determined that the charge should go on your account after the last date in the spring semester that would trigger a “semester-fail-to-pay” penalty, and this date is generally April 15th.  The charge goes onto your spring semester, but since it falls after this “last date to pay,” it sort of functions as a billing period corresponding to the Maymester.  The reason we have to do this is that there is no Maymester billing period, and to collect your May payments timely (so that we can pay housing, dining, visitors, and so on), the late spring charge was deemed to make the most sense.

I went through specialized training to do this direct charge, and while it’s always possible I’ll make a mistake, I have complete control over the charges and refunds, so it’s very, very easy to fix if we need to adjust your payment.

So the details are these:

1. You’ll see a charge for the May Workshop in your spring semester, Detail Code TG02, “Technical Comm Maymester Fee,” which is $1600 in Spring 2011, which you’ll need to pay as soon as possible, and certainly no later than May 9th.

2. if you’re taking a summer course, it is billed in the Summer 1 semester, and its deadlines for payment are typically something like “Full payment of mandatory tuition and fees or enrollment in a payment plan due for Summer I”, due on May 27th this year. If you’ve signed up for a payment plan, then you have until June 27 to make a first payment.

This approach to May billing ought to give you the option of installment payments, access to financial aid, and detailed bills that you  may be able to use for reimbursement from employers.

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