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Citation Obsession? Get Over It!

Posted by Joyce on October 30, 2011

Citation Obsession? Get Over It!

by Kurt Schick, Chronicle of Higher Education, 10-30-2011

…we should abandon trivial roadblocks so that students can write more often in more classes. Recent research demonstrates how effectively and efficiently writing can improve comprehension of content in any discipline. Writing also enables students to practice analysis, synthesis, and other skills that constitute critical, creative, and even civic thinking. If writing provides one of our best means to enhance learning outcomes across the curriculum, then more writing equals more learning. Why would we design writing assignments with obstacles that discourage students from learning?

Read the whole opinion piece:

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Grad Applications Reviewed Yearly, effective immediately

Posted by Joyce on October 4, 2011

Effective Fall 2011, the graduate program will no longer take applications twice a year. Beginning with the January 15, 2012, deadline, we will look at applications ONLY every January 15th. This new policy applies to online and on-campus programs, to the MATC and PhD equally.

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