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Waivers, Awards, and Reductions

Posted by Joyce on January 15, 2012

In the week just before a semester begins, there is always the urgent email or call from students who are worried that their waivers haven’t showed up on their account.  While it is indeed troubling, this situation is not dire — it always gets fixed. Philosophically speaking, we did not admit you to our graduate program just to let you fall victim to money troubles — if you get dropped or if your waiver hasn’t been applied yet, we’ll re-add you and we’ll find your waiver.  Sometimes you have to pay what you think your proper amount should be, and then the difference will get worked out in the following days.

There are three types of reductions to your fee bill.

GPTI fee and tuition waivers:  If you work for the program as a teaching assistant (GPTI, TA, or RA), then the department (typically my assistant and the dept business manager) submit paperwork that will reduce your tuition and fees by a given amount.  This is the set of waivers that I recently wrote about–the graduate school will limit your out-of-pocket expenses to $600 starting in the Fall 2012 semester.

Online PhD tuition waivers.  Your initial fee bill looks enormous, but that’s because you’ve been charged out-of-state tuition, along with our program’s hefty coursefee.  The tuition gets reversed via an email I send to SBS.  I do this in bulk after everyone is registered, but late season adds and drops may result in your name not being on the list.  Just let me know and I’ll get the tuition reversed.

Scholarships and Fellowships.  These are awarded by the department, the college, the grad school, or some other entity.  They are often applied timely, but sometimes other offices lose paperwork or fail to inform us timely of some sort of requirement.  These usually get applied to your account by the start of school, but if they’re missing, let me know.

Changes on the Horizon.  I do not know what the precise dollar amount of this change will be, but beginning either in Summer or Fall 2012, online PhD non-Texas residents will no longer have to go through all this tuition-then-reversal situation.  You will simply be billed non-resident tuition and the big coursefee will vanish.  What’s unknown is how much non-resident tuition will be for those semesters. I will still put non-residents into X sections and Texas residents into D sections, however, so your residency status will continue to be important.


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