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May Seminar Attendance Policy Revision (21 April 2012)

Posted by Joyce on April 21, 2012

Effective immediately, online doctoral students are required to attend their first 5 May Seminars. Attendance after that point is optional, but highly recommended. “Attend” means coming to Lubbock for the entire 2 week period and participating in professional development, writing, and other knowledge-sharing activities. Your attendance will be documented in your annual review folder, and it is up to you to demonstrate compliance with this policy. If you graduate before attending your fifth seminar, you are clearly waived from this requirement. All students must continue to have an annual review conducted by video conference with their committee during the seminar period.

This policy is meant to supplement existing policies regarding continual enrollment in the program. In other words, students are still required to be continually enrolled in coursework at a level of 4 courses per year while they are taking coursework, and 3 semesters of post-coursework registration in either 7000 or 8000 courses. If students need to request a break in their continual enrollment, they still need to petition the faculty formally, per our existing policy that allows a one-time stoppage for up to one calendar year for good reasons (typically economic hardship and health issues). If you are awarded such a waiver, your “First 5 Seminar” requirement will resume when you return to the program.

We are also ceasing our incentive program that reimburses students’ final May Seminar registration fee after they have successfully defended. Students who have already attended a May event, and who have continued to come to each May Seminar will be grandfathered and will receive a reimbursement if they continue to attend every May until graduation. New students (i.e. those who will be attending their first May Seminar in 2012) are not eligible for this grandfathered policy.

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