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May Seminar Fee and Student Business Services

Posted by Joyce on May 7, 2012

We bill you for your May Seminar around April 15th-20th each year.  Placement of charges on that date provides you about 45 days to pay since SBS only places holds and late fees on the 1st of each month and holds and late fees are placed on students who owe a balance exceeding 30 days.

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Citation Obsession? Get Over It!

Posted by Joyce on October 30, 2011

Citation Obsession? Get Over It!

by Kurt Schick, Chronicle of Higher Education, 10-30-2011

…we should abandon trivial roadblocks so that students can write more often in more classes. Recent research demonstrates how effectively and efficiently writing can improve comprehension of content in any discipline. Writing also enables students to practice analysis, synthesis, and other skills that constitute critical, creative, and even civic thinking. If writing provides one of our best means to enhance learning outcomes across the curriculum, then more writing equals more learning. Why would we design writing assignments with obstacles that discourage students from learning?

Read the whole opinion piece:

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TTU at CPTSC 2010

Posted by Joyce on October 29, 2010

TTU at CPTSC 2010

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Posted by Joyce on June 4, 2010

For those of you who are statistically minded, stories like this one

“Odds Are, It’s Wrong: Science fails to face the shortcomings of statistics”,_Its_Wrong
and this book-length one:
Ziliak and McCloskey, The Cult of Statistical Significance
are well worth the reads.  Even if you’re trained in statistics, it pays to be skeptical about claims of significance when so many get it fundamentally wrong.

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Doctoral Fellowship Initiative Announced

Posted by Joyce on October 18, 2009

Announcing the Texas Tech Doctoral Fellowship Initiative in Technical Communication and Rhetoric

The Texas Tech Technical Communication and Rhetoric program is pleased to announce a new Doctoral Fellowship Initiative, to be awarded to incoming doctoral students fall 2010. We will award four $25,000 fellowships to doctoral students who apply by January 15th, 2010 and begin their doctoral studies in the Fall of 2010.

TCR Fellows will receive total award amounts of $25,000, which will cover fees, tuition, and other expenses, yielding a salary of approximately $18,000 for the first academic year. The fellowships will be given with no teaching requirement, providing recipients the time and space to immerse themselves in their new doctoral program and to complete much of their doctoral coursework in one year. After the first year of study, TCR Fellows will continue to receive up to four more years of assistantship support and will become eligible for the full range of scholarships provided by the Department of English and the Graduate School.

Texas Tech’s Technical Communication and Rhetoric program emphasizes five broad areas of scholarship in its scholarship, coursework, and initiatives:

  1. Rhetoric, Composition, and Technology. The art, history, and theory of persuasion, argumentation, and expression and how such activities are applied and taught.
  2. Technical Communication. Theory, history, practice, teaching, and management of workplace communication, including the genres of reports, manuals, and proposals, and the skills of document design, style, and editing in a variety of media.
  3. Rhetorics of Science and Healthcare. Consideration of discourse and communication within scientific, technical, and medical fields.
  4. Technology, Culture, and Rhetoric. History, theory, and analysis of tools, techniques, and various cultural factors (feminism, ethics, intercultural analysis) in the production and reception of discourse.
  5. Visual Rhetoric, New Media, and User-Centered Design. Analysis, theory, and production of non- or extra-textual aspects of communication and discourse.

For more information about graduate studies in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech, please visit our general website at and our fellowship FAQ at

Please feel free to circulate.

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Maximum “Transfer” Hours

Posted by Joyce on July 28, 2009

After a few years of queries, I’ve learned definitively that at least 30 new hours must be taken by doctoral students. Why is this important? If you got your master’s from Texas Tech, and perhaps have 36 good hours that plausibly ought to apply to the doctorate, we’re only going to be able to take 30 of those hours. In other words, whether you transfer in to Texas Tech or transfer within Texas Tech, you will take at least 30 new hours of doctoral coursework, and perhaps more, depending on the quality and grades of prior graduate work.

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Continual Enrollment for Online Doctoral Students

Posted by Joyce on May 2, 2009

Based on a couple of situations that arose in the past year, the TCR faculty met on May 1, 2009, and crafted the following policy that provides for breaking your continual enrollment based on extraordinary circumstances such as illness or losing your job.

For those of you in the online PhD program, you know that when we write you with our acceptance letter, we make it very clear that you’re expected to do the following things: take 4 courses per year, come to every May Workshop until you graduate, and maintain continual enrollment. This language isn’t just our program’s internal policy; it’s also the way we redefined “doctoral residency” with our graduate school when we proposed the program. And this redefined residency is then the basis for calling you “full time students” at a level of 3 hours per semester instead of 6 hours. So the requirement is good for you in multiple ways.

The faculty had its own reasons for wanting you to make good progress in coursework, based on our history with other online students and our concern that without such a requirement, you might take 5 years to complete coursework, thus harming the quality of the degree. So it’s a good policy from our perspective.

We knew that our policies would need to be modified based on emerging realities. Thus we have agreed that if you need to break continual enrollment, you can request a hiatus of no more than 12 months by petitioning the TCR faculty in writing, explaining your extraordinary circumstances in detail. We envision that reasonable requests will involve serious illness or serious, unforeseen economic hardship (such as being laid off), but other rationales may be persuasive. If your petition is accepted, the faculty will readmit you at the end of the period requested; if you do not return to continual enrollment at that point, you will be dropped from the program and will have to reapply and compete with all the new potential students applying at that time. If your petition is rejected, you will need to maintain continual enrollment or be dropped from the program. You may receive only one such a hiatus, which may include only one May Workshop.

This policy is effective immediately.

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List of Dissertations

Posted by Joyce on April 26, 2009

We added a link on the right under “Program” called TCR Dissertations — It’s a link to a page of everyone who has graduated with a PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from this program, along with those who graduated with a PhD in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric, Technical Communication, or Composition before the TCR Program encompassed all of these areas.

We attempted to replace all the old UMI links to dissertations with the more recent Texas Tech’s initiative to digitize and publish its own dissertations through the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation website (

If you’re on this list, please take a look to see if the links to the EDT work, if the abstract is correct, and if the “current position” information is up-to-date.

For current students, the broad availability of dissertations and theses for you—without having to buy a copy or go through inter-library loan—is a tremendous benefit.

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CRN’s for Variable-Credit Courses, Fall 2009

Posted by Joyce on April 23, 2009

Since you can’t tell what CRN’s you’ve received permits for, especially for variable credit courses like 5000, 7000, and 8000, here’s a list of CRN’s you can use. The list of organized courses ( contains CRN’s for those courses.

ENGL 5000 (professional development hours) – use section 027, CRN 14858 for 3 hours
ENGL 7000 (qualifying exam hours) for 3, 6, or 9 hours, use 027, CRN 22936
ENGL 8000 (dissertation)

  • For local students, use section 027, CRN 22937 for 3, 6, or 9 hours
  • For online students who are Texas Residents, section D21, CRN 21742 for 3, 6, or 9 hours
  • For online students who are non-residents, section D31, CRN 21743 for 3, 6, or 9 hours

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Summer 2009 CRN’s for 7000, 8000

Posted by Joyce on April 23, 2009

Here are CRN’s for summer 1 and summer 2 sessions. Unless you’re trying to match up a GPTI appointment or the requirements of financial aid or fellowship), you’ll probably sign up for summer 1.

7000 027 (SI=29351, SII=29352)
8000 027 (SI=29353, SII=29354)

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