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Changes to 5376 and 5387 for fall

Posted by Joyce on July 28, 2010

Due to several factors, lower-than-expected applications from MATC students among them, Dr. Baehr’s two fall courses are going to be offered as hybrid courses instead of conventional Tuesday-Thursday 90-minute on-campus courses.  ENGL 5376 Online Publishing will be offered Tuesday mid-day, 11-2, in room 357 and online.  Similarly, ENGL 5387 Publication Management will be offered Thursdays 11-2 in room 357 and online.  Most face-to-face students currently registered for one or both of these two courses won’t be impacted by this change, although I think those who are taking 5060 may have to drop Dr. Baehr’s course.

If you are interested in taking one of these Technical Communication Lunch seminars, please drop me a line to get your permit.  If you are displaced in your face-to-face courses because of this change (and I believe one or two students may be in this situation), please drop me a note to amend your schedule.

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Henschel Dissertation Defense Scheduled

Posted by Joyce on July 21, 2010

Sally Henschel defends her dissertation Aug 2, 11-1, ENG 450

Title: Authoring Content for Reuse: A Study of Historical Practice and Current Implementation into the Technical Communication Curriculum

Committee: Carter (chair), Barker and Kemp

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Christy Barbee to Leave as of Feb 5

Posted by Joyce on January 25, 2010

After seven years of service as the department’s graduate program assistant, Christy Barbee is leaving the Department of English for a promotion to Unit Coordinator at the TTU Advising Center. Christy’s final day here will be February 5.

The 2005 recipient of the Chancellor’s Award of Excellence for exceptional service, Christy has always been conscientious about the job she does and has contributed daily to both the efficiency and humanity of the department.

She has organized the annual Graduate Student Recruiting Weekend, bringing approximately 30 prospective students to campus to meet with faculty and other students. In this effort, she has coordinated lodging and catering as well as transportation to and from the airport and managed travel reimbursements to visitors and payments to hotels and restaurants. She has been indefatigable in making sure that all invited guests (both students and their partners) were taken care of before, during, and after their visit and would leave with a positive impression of Texas Tech University and the Department of English.

She has made sure that correspondence with prospective students is timely, friendly, and informative and has been meticulous in keeping track of applications and admissions. She has carefully prepared the letters to admitted students, including specifications for their stipends and the duties associated with their appointments as GAs/TAs/GPTIs.

She has assisted with scholarships and awards, tracking applications, creating and printing award certificates, and assisting faculty in organizing the department’s annual awards reception.

She has always made time to visit with graduate students and to appreciate their anxieties and difficulties (financial, emotional, and cultural) in adjusting to Lubbock and managing graduate school.

She has tackled a growing job (growing with the graduate programs) with impressive sensitivity, courage, creativity, and grace. She has adapted to change and risen to challenges, always ready to offer a hand, an ear, or a shoulder. We are immensely grateful that she did all of this with us and for us.

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Hoover Defends Successfully

Posted by Joyce on October 18, 2009

Ryan Hoover defended his dissertation at 1 p.m. Friday, Oct. 23, in English 358. Ryan’s dissertation is titled “Rhetorical Agency, Social Structures, and Power Relations in the National Science Foundation’s Grant Application Process.” Ryan’s committee includes Dr. Amy Koerber (chair), Dr. Ken Baake, and Dr. Sean Zdenek.

Congratulations, Dr. Hoover

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Doctoral Fellowship Initiative Announced

Posted by Joyce on October 18, 2009

Announcing the Texas Tech Doctoral Fellowship Initiative in Technical Communication and Rhetoric

The Texas Tech Technical Communication and Rhetoric program is pleased to announce a new Doctoral Fellowship Initiative, to be awarded to incoming doctoral students fall 2010. We will award four $25,000 fellowships to doctoral students who apply by January 15th, 2010 and begin their doctoral studies in the Fall of 2010.

TCR Fellows will receive total award amounts of $25,000, which will cover fees, tuition, and other expenses, yielding a salary of approximately $18,000 for the first academic year. The fellowships will be given with no teaching requirement, providing recipients the time and space to immerse themselves in their new doctoral program and to complete much of their doctoral coursework in one year. After the first year of study, TCR Fellows will continue to receive up to four more years of assistantship support and will become eligible for the full range of scholarships provided by the Department of English and the Graduate School.

Texas Tech’s Technical Communication and Rhetoric program emphasizes five broad areas of scholarship in its scholarship, coursework, and initiatives:

  1. Rhetoric, Composition, and Technology. The art, history, and theory of persuasion, argumentation, and expression and how such activities are applied and taught.
  2. Technical Communication. Theory, history, practice, teaching, and management of workplace communication, including the genres of reports, manuals, and proposals, and the skills of document design, style, and editing in a variety of media.
  3. Rhetorics of Science and Healthcare. Consideration of discourse and communication within scientific, technical, and medical fields.
  4. Technology, Culture, and Rhetoric. History, theory, and analysis of tools, techniques, and various cultural factors (feminism, ethics, intercultural analysis) in the production and reception of discourse.
  5. Visual Rhetoric, New Media, and User-Centered Design. Analysis, theory, and production of non- or extra-textual aspects of communication and discourse.

For more information about graduate studies in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech, please visit our general website at and our fellowship FAQ at

Please feel free to circulate.

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