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Towner Defense Scheduled 2/5/10

Posted by Joyce on January 8, 2010

Emil Towner will defend his dissertation in Lubbock February 5th, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Central Time. Emil is in the M-squared cohort of the online PhD program and his committee is Zdenek (chair), Baake, and Dragga.

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Spring Grad Notes

Posted by Joyce on December 26, 2009

Dear Grad Students,

I hope you had a pleasant Christmas and that your vacation is relaxing. If you find yourself sitting around with nothing to do, I’d like for you to take a look at the university’s official spring calendar at

For everyone, dates that matter are
Jan 29 — last day to drop
Mar 24 — last day to declare a course to be pass-fail (rather than a grade)
March 13-21 — spring break
April 5-20 — early registration for summer and fall

For those of you who intend to graduate:
Jan 29 — last day to file intent to graduate form with grad school
march 3 — last day for doctoral students to file a dissertation defense notification form
March 25 — last day for thesis and dissertation defenses
April 2 — deadline to submit final thesis/dissertation to grad school
April 21– last day to submit comprehensive exam reports for master’s students (that means we’ll have portfolios due before spring break to allow the faculty committee time to evaluate and give feedback)

Please plan accordingly by looking at your own calendar and by engaging your faculty WELL in advance of these deadlines. Just because the last day to defend is 3/25 doesn’t mean that ALL defenses may take place on that day. One committee member may serve on multiple committees and there’s only so many defenses you hold in one day.

In preparation for spring advising, f2f doctoral students will meet with their faculty committees in late Feb or early March for their annual reviews, and you can pick your classes at that point. (online PhD’s will do this in May) All students should look at the summer and fall openings in Jan/Feb, and talk with me and/or your committee in March so that you can have your permits in place when registration opens.

Please look at your spring feebills and registrations — we’re still experiencing glitches due to Banner, and if you see something odd, please let me or Christy know. Don’t panic because we’ll surely fix it. Pay your bills timely and don’t get dropped and we’ll correct amounts as we learn about them. Those of you taking distance sections (d21/22 and x21/22 are more likely to have fee problems, but those of you in 001’s and working for the department are more likely to see glitches with waivers of various sorts. We’ll sort these things out as we learn of them.

Looking ahead, we’ll host the online phd May workshop May 16 – May 29, and you’re all encouraged to meet these online students if you’re in town and you’re also invited to come hear our invited guests, Jeanne Fahnestock on May 20, and Michael Hughes on May 27.

That is all — enjoy your break and don’t forget to eat some black-eyes peas for New Year’s Day.

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List of Dissertations

Posted by Joyce on April 26, 2009

We added a link on the right under “Program” called TCR Dissertations — It’s a link to a page of everyone who has graduated with a PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from this program, along with those who graduated with a PhD in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric, Technical Communication, or Composition before the TCR Program encompassed all of these areas.

We attempted to replace all the old UMI links to dissertations with the more recent Texas Tech’s initiative to digitize and publish its own dissertations through the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation website (

If you’re on this list, please take a look to see if the links to the EDT work, if the abstract is correct, and if the “current position” information is up-to-date.

For current students, the broad availability of dissertations and theses for you—without having to buy a copy or go through inter-library loan—is a tremendous benefit.

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