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Permits Not Needed for 5000, 7000, 8000

Posted by Joyce on November 9, 2009

We have removed the registration requirement that 5000, 7000, and 8000 hours need a permit from the grad adviser. You can register yourself for these hours on your own, in other words — I’ll go through and audit everything in mid-December, but I’d prefer for you all to do it right the first time. So here’s the flowchart:

5000 — we use this course for professional development and to pad out a semester’s registration when you need a certain number of hours. For example, if you need 9 hours to keep your teaching assistantship, and you and I have agreed that you will take 6 hours of organized coursework in the spring, then you’ll need 3 hours of 5000 in order to adhere to the 9-hour rule. Everyone should sign up for section 027 (my section, CRN 32292)

7000 — this is Qualifying Exam preparation, and you may take as many hours of this as you need (i.e. 3, 6, or 9) — sign up for section 027, please, CRN 32667

8000 — Dissertation hours — sign up for this if you have already passed your qualifying exam, or expect to in January or February. The graduate school rules state that you must have at least 12 hours of 8000 before you can graduate. If you’re a teaching assistant, you’ll far exceed this number because of the 9-hour rule, but if you’re not a teaching assistant, you’ll sign up for 3 hours every semester. If it looks as if you’ll finish early, you can always sign up for 6 or 9 hours in the semester you graduate. Better to put such a large registration at the end, however; delays are common in dissertation-writing, as I’m sure you’ve heard. You must register for 3 hours of 8000 in the semester you graduate (Grad School rules). If you’re a local student, sign up for section 027 (CRN 32719). If you’re online and in-state, sign up for section D21 (CRN 32743). If you’re online and out-of-state, sign up for x21 (CRN 32744)

Please note that these x21 sections do NOT show up in lists of courses offered. You’ll need to enter the proper CRN directly. Don’t ask me why.

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